Child Safety NightChild Safety Presentation
28 Wakefield parents and educators attended the child safety seminar this Monday night. Focused on empowering parents to protect their children from sexual abuse, the 2-hour event provided scenarios on how to talk to your children about touching safety, what to do if she or he discloses abuse, and practical matters on how to protect children. Presented by Marybeth Dwyer of the Children’s Trust Fund, the event was sponsored by the Wakefield Rotary Club. Childcare was provided by the Burbank YMCA and hosted at the Beebe Library. Wakefield Alliance Against Violence and the Wakefield Police Department provided additional support and resources for parents. Commented one attendee, “I wish everyone would attend a training like this. Parents should know how to protect their kids.” Additional resources are available at the Beebe library. The Wakefield Rotary Club also donated 5 books, Sam’s Story, which teaches kids about touching safety. The books (with CD) are now available for loan at the Beebe Library.