Club Members

Listed below are the members of the Rotary Club of Wakefield, MA.

Member Name Installed Classification
Adams, Paul 2017 Financial Adviser
Bowering, Suzanne PP 1996 Travel Agent
Boyle, Kathy 2014 Banking
Curley, Jay J. PP 1971 Personal Injury Law
Curley, Mark 2001 Elder Law
Daniels, Margie 2018 Partnership Development
Dhingra, Catherine 2010 Substance Use Prevention
Donovan, Bruce 2010 Banking
Duffy, Glen 2019 Financial Advisor
Fionda, Dave PDG 2013 Business Growth
Fiore, Bill PP 1983 Prosthodontist
Fiorentino, Frank PP 1979 CPA-Accounting
Fisher, Christine 2013 YMCA Membership
Fitzgerald, Jim PP 2013 Print Brokerage
Fournier, Maryesther 1994 Retail Pharmacy
Gaeta, Melody 2013 Home Health Care
Gordon, Judy PP 1990 Retired
Guaetta, Elaine PP 1996 Banking-Cooperative
Guardia, Anthony 2015 Non-Profit Development
Harding, Ed 2012 Physical Therapy
Husak, Carlos 2008 Commercial Loan Officer
Johnson, Victoria 2016 Financial Adviser
Kimball, Bob PP 2011 Retired
Livingstone, George PP 1980 Architect
Luckiewicz, Amy PP 2005 Youth Development
Maguire, Wendy 2019 Real Estate
Masiello, Ron PP 1991 Commercial Freight
Morales, Dave 1997 Crime Prevention
Mullen, Gene 2017 Real Estate
Portillo, Mario PP 2014 Banking
Potter, John 2012 Web Design
Reidy, Richard PP 2004 Financial
Roderick, Lisa PP 1995 Mortgage Banker
Sidmore, Eric PP 1198 Chiropractic
Singer, Fred PP 1987 Personnel Consultant
Smith, Richard 2006 Police Chief
Stapleton, Tom PP 2007 Television Production
Sullivan, Michael 2010 Fire Chief
Tarpey, James PP 1983 Casualty Insurance
Taylor, James PP 2001 Investment Counselor
Tramontozzi, John 2012 Personal Injury Law
Worley, Barbara 2012 Community Television
PP = Past President