Rotarians on the Road

As a Rotarian, we are welcome to attend any Rotary meeting anywhere in the world, attend events or conferences. Here’s a list of where our Wakefield members have visited other clubs or Rotary events.

Alaska Turner Lewis, Suzanne Bowering
Arizona Turner Lewis
California Al Smith, Frank Fiorentino
Connecticut Turner Lewis
Florida Bob Simmons, Bob Brown, Suzanne Bowering, Bob Dolbeare, Irving Zack, John Tredinnick, Frank Fiorentino
Georgia Frank Fiorentino
Hawaii Bob Simons, Bruce Calaviere, Bob Kimball
Idaho Mike Brownson
Illinois Elaine Guaetta
Indiana Frank Fiorentino
Louisiana Suzanne Bowering
Maine Suzanne Bowering
Michigan Turner Lewis
New Jersey Amy Luckiewicz
New Hampshire Frank Fiorentino
New York Bob Brown, Frank Fiorentino
Texas Elaine Guaetta, Frank Fiorentino
West Virginia Mike Brownson
Wisconsin Bud Bordoun
Vermont Turner Lewis, Jennifer Black
Argentina Elaine Guaetta
Aruba Suzanne Bowering
Australia Amy Luckiewicz, Andrew Johnson, Mike Brownson
Bahamas Jim Tarpey, Suzanne Bowering
Brazil Jose Roberto Martins
Canada Suzanne Bowering, Amy Luckiewicz, Barbara Worley, Alicia Reddin
Denmark Frank Fiorentino
Dominican Republic Suzanne Bowering, Lisa Roderick, Amy Luckiewicz
England David Orriss, John Tredinnick
France George Livingstone, Frank Fiorentino
Germany Al Smith
Honduras Amy Luckiewicz
Iceland Suzanne Bowering, Lisa Roderick, Elaine Guaetta, Melody Gaeta, and Amy Luckiewicz
Ireland Frank Fiorentino
Italy Frank Fiorentino
Malaysia Suzanne Bowering
Philippines Amy Luckiewicz
Spain Jim Fitzgerald
Turks & Caicos Suzanne Bowering
Thailand Amy Luckiewicz