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We are happy to participate in 6 amazing scholarships for high school students, graduate level study (or above) and professional advancement. Each one is funded differently and the qualifications vary. Please read carefully all information and visit the links. Scholarships are one of the gifts we provide to our local and international communities. Rotarians and immediate family members of Rotarians are NOT eligible.

Scholarships for High School Students                                                                      

The Service Above Self Award
Award Amount: $10,000
How many awards are given annually: 1
When to Apply:  TBD
Who is Eligible: Any high school Seniors graduating in 2016 who are attending higher education in Fall, 2016
Funding Source: Rotary District 7930
Who to Contact: Kathy Boyle, Wakefield Rotary Scholarship Chair
For more information: TBD

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
Award Amount: $325
How many awards are given annually: 5
When to Apply:  Due to club by March 31, 2018 Click here for an application
Who is Eligible: Any Wakefield High School or Voc Tech Sophomores interested in attending the Rotary Youth Leadership weekend: May 11-13, 2018
Funding Source: Wakefield Rotary Club
Who to Contact: Kathy Boyle, Wakefield Rotary Club Scholarship Chair
For more information: Click here for more information on RYLA

Bob Crawford Unsung Hero Award
Award Amount: $500
How many awards are given annually: 1
When to Apply:  see your WHS guidance counselor
Who is Eligible: Wakefield High School Seniors interested who have served their local community
Funding Source: Wakefield Rotary Club
Due Date to Guidance Counselor: see your WHS guidance counselor
Who to Contact: Barbara Worley, Wakefield Rotary Club Scholarship Chair or your Guidance Counselor
For more information: contact your Wakefield High School guidance counselor to be nominated

Scholarships for Graduate Level Students

Global Grant Scholarships
Award Amount: $30,000
How many awards are given annually: 2 (depending on yearly budget, may vary)
When to Apply:  Application is rolling, email David Hart for more info
Who is Eligible: For graduate level study or above. Many elidgibility guidelines. Check official page.
Funding Source: 50% Rotary District 7930, 50% The Rotary Foundation
Who to Contact: David Hart, Rotary District 7930 Outbound Scholarship Chair
For more information: Rotary District 7930 Global Grant Scholarship Page

World Peace Fellowships
Award Amount: approximately $30,000
How many awards are given annually: 2 from district (depending on yearly budget, may vary, competitive )
When to Apply:  Rolling deadline, contact Dennis Sweeney
Who is Eligible: For advanced study in peace/conflict resolution. Many elidgibility guidelines. Check official page.
Funding Source:  The Rotary Foundation
Who to Contact: Dennis Sweeney, Rotary District 7930 World Peace Fellows Chair
For more information: Rotary Centers for Peace Brochure

Scholarships for Professional Advancement

Global Peace Fellow Scholars
Award Amount: award covers tuition, fees, room and board, round-trip travel to university, and internship or field work
Program: Master’s Degree or Professional Certificate
Funding Source: The Rotary Foundation
How many awards are given annually: up to 100 worldwide, competive
When to Apply: Contact the Wakefield Rotary Club by April 1, 2018
Who is Eligible: professionals who are willing to study abroad
Who to Contact: Amy Luckiewicz, Wakefield Rotary Peace Scholar Chair
For more information: Rotary Global Peace Fellows or click here to download brochure

Vocational Training Team
Award Amount: TBD
How many awards are given annually:  depending on yearly budget, may vary
When to Apply:  TBD
Who is Eligible: Professionals in a specific Area of Focus (TBD) Many elidgibility guidelines. Check official with district.
Funding Source: 50% Rotary District 7930, 50% The Rotary Foundation
Who to Contact: Liz Cullen, Rotary District 7930 Foundation Chair
For more information: Vocational Training Team Fact Sheet